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Manifest Your Dream Life with the 2022 Life Planning Workbook (Ebook) and Design the Life of Your Dreams!

*Launching 2022 Life Planning Workbook*

Wanna Fasttrack achieving your Goals & Dreams???
According to research, people who write goals are 42% more likely to achieve them!
If 2021 demotivated you & delayed you from achieving your Dreams , utilise this time to define your goals & understand what is it that you truly desire!

What is the workbook?
->It's an over 100 page Ebook which consists of exercises & tools to plan your Life!
->Ebook is fillable digitally & can also be used after printing. 
->Exercises to clearly define your 2022 Goals.
->Goals in every area of your Life-> Professional, Personal,  Financial, Health, Creative & many more

->Monthly Planner

This workbook is perfect for you if you want to: 
•  wake up  inspired  &  motivated  for your life 
• strengthen your focus on what  truly matters  to you 
• solidify your  lessons learned  from the past year 
• clarify  exactly what you want, who you want to be, and how to get there 
• Discover yourself & have high self worth
• Develop  positive habits  to enrich your lifestyle 
• Have a system of  accountability  to keep you on track with your goals 
• Find extra  motivation  through obstacles, challenges, and tough times 
• Live a  balanced  life that fills your soul
•  Create a life that you absolutely  love—one that you are obsessed with 
•  Be able to look back and see how you’ve  grown  over the years 
•  Take action  to create the year of your dreams 

This workbook is NOT for you if you: 
•  aren’t willing to  put in the work  to fill out the entire workbook, review it monthly, and take the actions needed to reach your goals
•  don’t take full responsibility for your life
•  don’t believe you can change (Please don’t be that person!)

If you believe, this is something you have been looking for, DM me for booking your copy.

Price : Rs. 299/-
Value you will get > Purposeful & Motivated Life which is True to Yourself!

Glimpse of the Table of Contents of the 2022 Life Planning Workbook!

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