"Unless You are Happy with Who You Are,
You Will Never be Happy with What You Have" - Zig Ziglar 

Being Happy with “Who You Are” is All about Mastering Your Self Worth!

Master Your Self Worth by the Power of Journaling, a 30-Day Challenge that will Transform Your Life by helping you Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs in Mindset, Health, Wealth & Relationships & Bring You All Round Confidence & Success!

Mansi Jain

Meet your Instructor

Hi, I’m Mansi Jain. I’m a multi-passionate creative with a passion for Life Coaching. I know what it feels like to live in a constant state of anxiety and fear. I’ve also been the part of the “rat race” and have fallen into the comparison trap many times.

One day, I realized, I didn’t want to be a copycat of others. I didn’t want to fit in a story written by family & society in which I played the role of a victim. I wanted to create my own story and be a Hero in it.

After years of soul searching, I have come up with tools & techniques which have helped me create my Dream Life which is true to me. I have better relations. I have become joyful and better in managing my anxieties and fear. I live a purpose driven Life.

After doing various corporate stints, I felt empty from the inside & wanted to do something that impacts people and creates difference in their Lives. I was always drawn to Self-Improvement and Universe aligned things up for me so that gradually my Passion became my Profession. I became a Professor of HR and Psychology. In this teaching journey, I counselled and coached many students and realized that I have the gift of bringing clarity in Life towards one’s own aspirations.

Through Mindsutra, I want to handhold you in Your incredible journey of Life & help you live it in your Best possible way. I am a Mindset Transformation Coach who will help you break your limiting beliefs which are preventing you from living your Dream Life with Joy, Enthusiasm & Abundance! You will identify the patterns that are preventing you from a living Your Best Life. You will learn tools & techniques to move forward!

What you’ll learn?

The No. 1 reason behind lack of confidence, feeling unloved, fear of failure or embarrassment, poor relationships, people taking advantage of you, difficulty in making new friends, difficulty in stepping out of comfort zone etc. is Low Self Worth.

Even if you may be highly talented or gifted, your lack of Self Worth can prevent you from achieving your full potential.

Even if you may be highly successful financially, your lack of Self Worth can cause painful relationships.

Even if people admire or adulate you, your lack of Self Worth can cause you difficulty in accepting yourself with your imperfections & flaws & you may find it difficult to forgive Yourself for the past mistakes.

The solution to this is Mastering Your Self Worth which will result in -

✅ Directly increasing your Self Confidence and Success in all aspects of your Life.
✅ Stop requiring validation from others for feeling good about Yourself
✅ Understanding who you are
✅Accepting yourself with your imperfections
✅Having relationships that help you grow instead that drain you
✅Achieving your full potential
✅Ability to handle failures & criticism

Because, when the inside is right, the outside is taken care of automatically.

Trust me, I have been there and my life has completely transformed when I worked on Healing my Self Worth.

Enroll in my Self Worth Mastery 30-Day Challenge Via Journaling and transform yourself and your Life just by the power of journaling. As per scientific research, journaling is a powerful tool for healing your inner wounds that maybe the source of your low Self Worth. Thus, with the power of Journaling, you will understand your limiting beliefs in a better way and would be able to transform it to Make the Best Version of You!

This course will polish 4 areas of your Life. You will discover your Limiting Beliefs in each area called Mindset, Health, Wealth & Relationships. And you will take steps to overcome those beliefs which will result in transforming it. At the end of the course, you will see the following results in yourself-

  1. ✅Awareness of your Limiting Beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your full potential in categories like Mindset, Health, Wealth & Relationships
  2. ✅Awareness of Actions Steps that can help you transform your limiting beliefs
  3. ✅Mastering Self Worth. Being connected to your inner self. Understanding that you are not your limiting beliefs. 
  4. ✅Higher confidence
  5. ✅Understanding what does Success mean to you
  6. ✅All-round Success in Mindset, Health, Wealth & Relationships. Success not as per society's definition but by yours.

What to expect in 30 Days
in Less than 30 min a Day:

Week 1- Mindset
In this week, we will understand

  • the Rules of the mind
  • Limiting Beliefs that shape your mindset.
  • Dealing with Negative State of mind like criticism, regret etc.

Week 2- Health

  • Understanding Mind Body Connection
  • Understanding Addiction
  • Dealing with Illnesses
  • Relationship with Food

Week 3- Wealth

  • Limiting Beliefs about Wealth
  • Source of your Beliefs
  • What is Wealth Really
  • Breaking the Limiting Beliefs

Week 4- Relationships

  • Understanding Types of Family Roles
  • Awareness of Destructive Relationship Patterns
  • Role of Self Love
  • Attracting Lasting Love

Along with this you will get the following 5
Bonuses worth Rs. 11,999/- absolutely Free:

Bonus 1: Worth Rs. 1999/-

Affirmation for Mastering Mindset

Bonus 2: Worth Rs. 1999/-

Affirmation for Mastering Health

Bonus 3: Worth Rs. 1999/-

Affirmation for Mastering Wealth

Bonus 4: Worth Rs. 1999/-

Affirmation for Mastering Relationships

Bonus 5: Worth Rs. 3999/-

Happiness Diary Template

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